— Schnitzerhaus, Niederried

The tiny chalet in Niederried was built completely manually in the 1970s by a wood carver with a passion for Simmental alpine huts. The building’s most salient feature of are the impressive, meticulous carvings and inlays on the facade, ceilings and doors, which earned it the name "Schnitzerhaus”, meaning “whittler’s house”. In order to bring the aging chalet into the 21st century, a radical intervention was necessary, despite the filigree treasures. A Japanese-minimalist style now serves as the basis and as a counterweight to the ornate style.

A new multifunctional cube functions as the supporting structure which made it possible to remove all partition walls on the first floor. In addition to the laundry room, a tall cupboard element towards the kitchen was integrated into it, as well as a new staircase to the upper floor to replace the old strcture. To improve energy expenditure, the carver's house was further modernized by adding new insulation and an air-to-water heat pump with solar panels on the roof.

A04 Innenarchitektur Kueche Kuechenbau bulthaup Chalet Umbau Holzbau Basel Brienzersee
A04 Innenarchitektur Moebeldesign Moebel Chalet Umbau Basel Holzbau Kunsthandwerk

Arbor with a view of Lake Brienz

A04 Innenarchitektur Chalet Umbau Treppe Holzbau Gelaender Moebel Basel Brienzersee

Second floor with stairs

A04 Innenarchitektur Moebeldesign Moebel Basel Homeoffice Chalet Umbau Kueche Kuechenbau Monolith schwarz Costanzina Lichtband Holzbau
A04 Innenarchitektur Basel Chalet Holzbau Badzimmer Umbau Basel

Bathroom with walk-in shower

A04 Innenarchitektur Chalet Umbau Interiors Basel Moebeldesign Moebel Cheminee offenes Kamin Monolith schwarz

Revolving fireplace

A04 Innenarchitektur Basel Umbau Chalet Brienzersee Detail Holzbau Kunsthandwerk

Carving detail «Ibex»

A04 Innenarchitektur Moebeldesign Moebel Wohnen Wohnzimmer Sofa Basel Brienzersee Chalet Umbau

Dining table with custom-designed sofa

A04 Innenarchitektur Moebeldesign Moebel Chalet Umbau Basel Brienzersee Esszimmer Cheminee Monolith schwarz

Dining area with access to the outdoor seating area

A04 Innenarchitektur Basel Chalet Umbau Schlafzimmer Thut Folienschrank Bett Holzbau Kunsthandwerk
A04 Innenarchitektur Moebel Chalet Umbau Basel Brienzersee

Exterior view with lake Brienz in the background

A04 Innenarchitektur Chalet Umbau Basel Brienzersee Aussicht Holzbau

Arbor with a view of Lake Brienz

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